Technical Ship Supply

Technical Ship Supply

We offer a comprehensive service for all aspects of shipping, which is recognised and in demand worldwide. Everything for a ship from one source is rounded off by our catalogue “Everything a ship needs”. Our shipping catalogue for the stores includes all the important consumables that a ship normally requires at stores and consumables. On the basis of a cooperative collaboration with our customers we create individual catalogues that meet today’s requirements both professionally and digitally. You can have the coordinated information both in hardcopy and digitally in PDF, Excel or any other PMS requirement. Our product variety is oriented towards the entire store and consumable requirements of a ship.


  • Equipment for fire fighting and life saving
  • Sealing and hydraulic equipment
  • Electric and battery tools
  • Lifting and lashing devices
  • High pressure cleaning equipment
  • Stores and consumables for deck, engine, cabin, galley, stationary and electrical
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Welding equipment
  • Safety equipment
  • Standard and high quality mooring lines and very special individual Dyneema ropes
  • Standard and high quality tools
  • Verope special board crane ropes

With newly developed ordering systems and catalogues developed specifically for shipping companies, we offer you an optimal, worldwide supply of stores and consumables for your ships. This can considerably reduce the administrative effort for C-items.

The original equipment of ships is looked after by us from A to Z. High standards are set by detailed and comprehensive documentation of the equipment.

Special workshop containers are equipped individually according to customer requirements in order to implement special projects with high-quality materials and equipment anywhere in the world.

Not least through our shipping company logistics we organise transports with stores, provisions, savings and ancillary goods. A close cooperation within the different departments within the Kloska Group ensures an optimal supply chain for our customers.

We combine different types of transport to keep the logistics costs for our customers as low as possible and are supported by our own air freight department.

Through our excellent worldwide catering and logistics network we can also organise the “last mile” overseas for you.

This enables us to considerably reduce the sometimes very high costs incurred by our customers on site.

We live the principle of everything from a single source every day.

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