Business Ethics

in commerce honesty is everything...

Integrity and honesty come first for us in all our business transactions and relationships. All of our relationships, with our employees and all stakeholders, are based on these core values.

We attach great importance to the protection of democratic values, human rights and the environment; we try to contribute to the improvement of educational opportunities and support other activities that will benefit the community, and support all endeavors geared towards ending crime and corruption.

We act as a good corporate citizen, being sensitive to societal issues. We try to play a role that fits our values in our activities and services that benefit the community and in our engagements with civil society organizations.

At Özgen, we also respect the local customs and cultures of our own country and those countries where we conduct international projects.

We effectively compete only on legal and ethical grounds and refrain from unfair competition. We support all activities that are geared towards the establishment of a competitive business environment to facilitate community development and further public interests. We also help our customers leave a permanent mark in the global shipping industry and apply the same principles to our own business.

We plan our production processes as a ship chandler and a supplier of marine paints. We strive to create a permanent legacy with our services in our industry.

  • Being a trustworthy and reliable solutions provider that offers excellence
  • Following business transactions closely until the end and having full control over business processes
  • Paying regular visits to our customers and maintaining communication in the best possible way
  • Keeping up with innovative developments in our industry by participating in fairs, conferences and seminars
  • Monitoring the development of shipping products to offer cost-effective solutions.
  • All our communications with our customers are based on mutual confidence and the will to create strong, long-lasting partnerships
  • We protect and develop our clients’ investments with our know-how and experience. We know and understand that every project requires unique solutions.
  • Every project deserves special attention, planning and immediate solutions.
  • Every customer requests continued, quality and permanent service.
  • Quality products with high endurance
  • Widespread supplier base
  • Timely delivery to every location in Turkey
  • Affordable pricing policy for every product
  • Extensive technical support and service
  • Over 65 years of experience
  • Best service in the market
  • Strong and uninterrupted supply chain with effective inventory management
  • Pre-sales and post-sales services support
  • Harmony with the most current conditions
  • Being present and available at project site in a timely fashion
  • Expert, solution-oriented team
  • Comprehensive technical know-how
  • Compliance with legal regulations in every product
  • Committed to preserving the natural environment and natural resources. Respect the right to life of all living beings.

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