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Marine Painting

As Özgen Ship Supply, we stand by everyone voyaging on the seas.

In 2003, we started producing Özgen Paint, our environmentally-friendly and anti-corrosion marine-industrial paint brand.

We provide high quality anticorrosive, top coat marine paints and thinners, to fulfill the requirements of all costumers in the industry, from ship operators to shipyards with competitive prices and delivery from stock.

Sustainable perfectionism is a core value for us at Özgen Ship Supply. With this understanding, we act as licensed distributors for the best maritime brands in the world; and also produce our own products, such as the environmentally-friendly GENMARINE line of marine paints; Ozgen Ship Supply is manufacturing all type marine paints in its own premises. We have very large inventory of most popular marine paints in stock and specifc paint can be produced in short period.

With over 70 years of experience, we assist a wide range of Turkish and International customers with sales and technical assistance.

We continue to stand by all the vessels sailing to furthest seas with our deep experience, understanding of superior customer service and our selection of affordable, high-quality, durable products.

  • Underwater hull paints
  • Ballast Tanks paints
  • Deck and Topsides paints
  • Cargo Tanks paints
  • Seastock paints

Our paints have high solid substances with excellent resistance
against corosion, chemicals and solvents making them suitable
for use in marine environments with high humidity. We have a
wide range of products suitable for different applications.

  • Genmarine Primer: Alkyd primer
  • Genmarine II Primer: Modified alkyd primer
  • Genmastic FPC Epoxy: Ideal for ballast tanks and cargo
    holds with high surface tollerance
  • Genguard HRD Epoxy: High solid substance paint serving as
    both primer and top coat for easy application on all surfaces
  • Genpox MHS Epoxy: Glossy finish and high chemical
    resistance suitable for all surfaces with Grain Certificate
  • Genpox Shopprimer: Pre-fabrication primer suitable for
    high welding applications
  • Genpox SF Epoxy: Solvent free epoxy coatings for storage

Our glossy topcoats have high adhesive and elastic properties
suitable for deck, freeboard and superstructure with excellent
durability against the harshest conditions.

  • Genmarine Finish: Alkyd topcoat with a high glossy finish
  • Genamarine II Finish: Modified alkyd topcoat with a glossy
  • Genpol TC Finish: Polyurethane topcoat with high glossy
    finish and superior durability
  • Genacryl TC Finish: Acrylic topcoat with high glossy finish
    and superior durability
  • Genmarine Synthetic Thinner: High quality thinner for alkyd
  • Genpox Epoxy Thinner: High quality thinner for epoxy
  • Genpol Polyurethane Thinner: High quality thinner for
    polyurethane paints
  • Genacryl Acrylic Thinner: High quality thinner for acrylic

Hatch Cover Tapes

Hatch joints can leak due to a number of reasons, potentially causing cargo damage. Metal hatch covers on cargo vessels should be water-tight and prevent the contact of the cargo load with atmospheric elements, such as air, moisture or water both according to international regulations and to protect the cargo. Operating and maintaining hatch covers on your ship safely can prevent cargo damage and associated costs. Safe Cargo has been designed to protect cargo against water leakage.

Method of use: Hatch cover sealing tape is a peel-andstick application. Surface to be sealed should be clean and dry without any rust, oil, grease, loose paint, water, dust, dirt, salt or old tape. Peel off the back paper and unroll the tape along the joint.Press tape using arm foot pressure to ensure good adhesion to both joint sides. In extreme cold, we recommend warming up the tape using a propane torch.

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