ÖZGEN was founded in the Halic area, also known as the Golden Horn, in Istanbul in 1950 as a marine supplier and paint manufacturer.In 1982, the company opened its first modern sales and storage facility in Turkey’s largest shipyards zone, the Tuzla Shipyard Area in Istanbul, on a 1250 square-meter land plot; offering a larger assortment and a wider service network.

In 2003, ÖZGEN started manufacturing marine paints under its industrial paint brand OZGENPaint. The company’s environmentally friendly anti-corrosive paints, manufactured in line with global standards, quickly became internationally renowned.

In 2014, OZGEN started building its second branch in Turkey’s second largest shipyard zone in Yalova Altınova. With this 1500 square-meter showroom and the warehouse, the company raised the value of the business.

ÖZGEN offers affordable, high-quality and long-lasting products and excellent customer service in the fields of shipsupply and technical support to both domestic and international shipowners.